Ronson Manufacturing Company in Kansas City Missouri Missouri

Ronson provides laser cutting, turret punching, shearing, press brakes, MIG, TIG, spot, robotic welding and light assembly. We currently have 2 shifts and we are willing to work overtime and weekends if necessary.  Ronson has an 105,000 sq. ft. production and warehouse facility. 


Laser Cutting

Our high power Bystronic Lasers, including our NEW, 4000 watt Fiber Optic Laser, offer the highest level of production flexibility and the ability to cut an almost unlimited diversity of materials and shapes. Our lasers range in size from 1500 watts to 6000 watts (one of the largest in the Midwest).

Our automated lasers produce efficiencies that increase performance and reduce manufacturing costs.  High precision of dimensions, repeatability, nesting capabilities and reduced scrap are only a few of the benefits obtained by our powerful laser cutting equipment. 

With our automated laser cells we are able to meet the production needs and delivery timetables of a wide variety of customers. 

Turret Punching

Our CNC turret punches allow us to do wide variety of extrusion forms and hole intensive products.  With our automatic turret punch we are to able to reduce manufacturing costs significantly.    

CNC Brake

With our many CNC brake presses, forming is not a problem.  All our presses have CNC back gauges to help form precise accurate bends.  With NT controllers, auto-crowning and one touch “quick touch” change tooling allows us to quickly setup and accurately form advanced 3 dimensional parts. 

Robotic Welding

Whether your needs are MIG, TIG or Resistant Welding our highly experienced welders can handle any requirements you have.  We are able to weld a wide variety of materials.

Our robotic welder produces clean consistent welds.  It can be an excellent choice for high volume requirements or difficult and complicated welding applications.

Ronson also has extensive experience and capability in designing and producing specialized welding fixtures. 


We have the capabilities to do assembly. Whether your product needs to be riveted, fastened together, have decals added or any other subcomponents included, our assembly department is capable of providing a completely finished product. 

Typical metals processed

Cold Roll up to 14 gauge
P&O up to 7 gauge
Plate up to 1” thick
Galvanized up to 14 gauge
Galvanneal up to 14 gauge
Aluminum up to 3/8" thick
Stainless Steel up to 1/2" thick
Structural Steel angle, tubing, flat, round, etc.
Blank size up to 5ft x 10ft

RONSON RESPONDS…You have Needs - We have Solutions!  

Ronson Manufacturing Corporation in Kansas City Missouri


Ronson Manufacturing Corporation in Kansas City Missouri


Ronson Manufacturing Corporation in Kansas City Missouri


Ronson Manufacturing Corporation in Kansas City Missouri

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